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Sipping on Trends: The Surprising Rise of Josh Wine Memes

Jan 18, 2024Michael Bozzelli

The viral Josh wine trend emerged when a Twitter user, @OptimusGrind_, known as a "snack and wine tester" with around 32,000 followers, posted a tweet about a value-for-money wine priced around $15. The tweet aimed to highlight that this affordable bottle was better than other alternatives. While the post didn't achieve massive viral status in terms of likes and comments, it gained significant attention by being viewed 20 million times. Nonetheless, very respectable engagement. Look out, Kim K., Josh is coming for you.

Interestingly, the social media response took a humorous turn. Users on Twitter, as well as other platforms, began creating funny memes and posts about the wine named Josh. The excitement stemmed from the fact that the wine shared a popular and traditional boy's name, turning it into a trending topic. For instance, @thebighappyjewelryco appeared to be genuinely bemused by the wine's common moniker being Josh. "Drink my dad? Drink some random dude?" read the user's caption in their post.  Another user commented that they were going to start referring to all wine as Josh.  

As a very popular wine and a sales leader in its product segment, the company released a statement that they were actually surprised by the public's response. They also commented that they are really enjoying the memes as they evolved. Social media posts have started to take a different direction from the memes, with many users sharing their own experiences and recommendations for good value bottles.

The unexpected popularity of the Josh wine trend demonstrates the unpredictable nature of social media. Sometimes I feel like training to game the algorithm is like catching lightning in a bottle. Like cranberry juice from a few years back, and let's not forget the dominance of kittens on social media, Josh wine might just become a regular fixture.

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