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Raise the Stakes: A Fun Guide to the Super Bowl LVIII Drinking Game

Feb 06, 2024Michael Bozzelli

Get ready to elevate your Super Bowl LVIII experience with a trending drinking game that's making waves across the country! As the San Francisco 49ers face off against the Kansas City Chiefs on February 11th in Las Vegas, Nevada, fans can add an extra layer of excitement—in between camera shots of Taylor Swift—to the game.

The game revolves around 20 potential scenarios that could unfold during the match. Whether you're at a bar, hosting a watch party, or simply enjoying the game at home, these rules offer a playful twist to the Big Game.

Here are the Super Bowl drinking game rules:

Take a Sip When:

  1. The coin toss kicks off the game.
  2. An interception is made by either team.
  3. The camera spotlights Taylor Swift watching the game.
  4. Another celebrity in the crowd gets highlighted on camera.
  5. Usher brings out a guest during his halftime performance.
  6. A new Super Bowl advert triggers any emotional reaction.
  7. A player gets flagged for being aggressive with a referee.
  8. The team you're rooting against receives a penalty.
  9. The camera captures fans crying in the stands.
  10. A player on the sidelines is shown drinking or eating.

Finish Your Drink If:

  1. Either team misses a field goal.
  2. Usher starts singing a song during the halftime show.
  3. Jason Kelce is spotted shirtless.
  4. Taylor Swift is shown on camera taking a drink.
  5. The Budweiser advert with the Clydesdales airs.
  6. Your team scores a safety.
  7. There's a tie at the end of any quarter.

Take a Shot When:

  1. Your team scores a touchdown.
  2. The opposing team scores a touchdown.
  3. The game concludes.

While the rules are designed to take your watch party to another level, it's crucial to "drink responsibly" throughout the game, with participants encouraged to take breaks if needed. Families watching together can even substitute drinks with snacks or food. So, grab your favorite beverage or slice of pizza, gather your friends and family, and get ready to make this Super Bowl LVIII one to remember.  🏈🍻

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