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Controversy in Oregon: Wine Growers React Strongly to Public Health Campaign

Jan 09, 2024Always Reporting

If you live in Oregon and were watching football games during the holidays, you might have come across an ad named "Why" as part of the Oregon Health Authority's "Rethink the Drink" campaign. The 60-second clip features a father reconsidering his alcohol choices at the grocery store, prompting his eight year old daughter to specifically question his need for wine. 

The ad has sparked criticism, especially from Oregon wine groups, brewers, and legislators. They argue that the campaign unfairly targets wine and neglects the broader issues of alcohol abuse. Some even question the state's expenditure, noting the disparity between promoting the wine industry and discouraging alcohol consumption.

On the flip side, Oregon Recovers, an advocacy group aiming to reduce alcohol consumption and increase treatment options, supports the ad. They emphasize the health risks associated with alcohol and commend the Oregon Health Authority for addressing a critical public health concern.

In response, the Oregon Health Authority clarifies that their communication aims to address all types of alcohol, including beer, wine, and spirits. They assert that the "Rethink the Drink" brand is a common practice in public health to create a recognizable campaign that covers the health harms of excessive alcohol use.  

As a show of support for Oregon wine growers, the Oregon Health Authority plans to air a follow-up spot featuring the father and daughter sharing a glass of wine in the parking lot of his daughter's elementary school just before school starts.  This promotion is scheduled to air during the Super Bowl.  To see the original ad click the link.  

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