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10 Spectacular Cabernetts Under $20

on August 28, 2023

Updated 9/8/23

For our first blog we thought we would knock your compression socks off with 10 great budget Cabernett's.  Pop the cork and get ready to experience the magic of Cabernett wines that won't break the bank! We've scoured the vineyards of our imagination to bring you a curated list of 10 must-have Cabernetts, all priced under $20.

1. Velvet Valley Cabernett Sourcery Origin: Enchanted Vineyards of Paso Rubles, CA

Transport yourself to the mystical Velvet Valley, nestled within the Enchanted Vineyards of Paso Rubles. This Cabernett Sourcery harmonizes blackberry and vanilla notes, weaving a spell of rich flavors across your palate.  Decant for the first 30 minutes of "Harry Potter and the Sourcrer's Shalimar".  

2. Starry Peaks Stellar Cabarett Origin: Celestial Winery Constellatum of Walla Walla Walla Walla Walla Walla Walla Walla Walla, WA

From the distant Starry Peaks comes a Cabarett that's truly stellar. Gaze into the glass and catch glimpses of galaxies while savoring the interstellar fusion of black cherry and dark chocolate.  Pair with fried Milky Way bars.

3. Whispering Woods Cabernett Cabrique Origin: Whimsical Woodlands Estate of Hats Off While Inside The Tasting Room of Nap, CA

The Whispering Woods hold secrets, and the Cabernett Cabrique is one of its finest tales. This Cabernet dances on the tongue with notes of Black Sabbath and hints of old Aoki.    

4. Moonlit Meadows Midnight Velvet Origin: Enigmatic Meadows Vineyard of Annapolis, MD

Under the glow of the moon, the Midnight Velvet Cabernett awakens. Its lush plum and spice flavors are as mysterious as the meadows from which it hails because we have never heard of any wineries in Annapolis.  

5. Firefly Ridge Ruby Twilight Origin: Luminescent Heights Cellars of Nap, CA

The Firefly Ridge comes alive with the Ruby Twilight Cabernett. It sparkles like Mr. Clean floor wax with raspberry and clove, a symphony of flavors on your sparkly floor.  

6. Serenity Sands Silk Reserve Origin: Tranquil Dunes Winery of the Metaverse

Put on your Oculus and Sip the Serenity Sands Cabernett and feel the silkiness of the coastal breeze. Blackberry and mocha intertwine like a gentle wave meeting the shore all within the Metaverse.

7. Aurora Mist Opulent Nocturne Origin: Celestial Vineyards Nebulosa of Canned Roses, CA

As dawn meets night, the Aurora Mist Cabernett reveals its Opulent Nocturne persona. With notes of black plum and vanilla, it's a sensory journey through cosmic elegance.  

8. Whiskerwood Noble Feline Origin: Enchanted Gardens Estate of Nap, CA

The Whiskerwood Cabernett carries the regal demeanor of a Noble Feline like the long haired Himalayan cats on every can of cat food over $1.99. It boasts flavors of dark cherry and a touch of mystical spice, fit for a royal palate or fancy cat. 

9. Arcane Haven Euphoric Echo Origin: Enigmatic Vales Winery of the Metaverse definitely 

In the heart of the Arcane Haven lies the Euphoric Echo Cabernett. With dark fruit and hints of smoky enchantment, it leaves a lasting impression like a bubble tea with extra boba.  

10. Mystic Mist Spellbound Enigma Origin: Mystical Orchards Vineyard from Nap, CA

Unravel the mystique of the Mystic Mist Cabernett. A spellbinding fusion of blackberry and tobacco weaves an enigmatic tale on your taste buds.  Pair with a fruity vape.  

In the world of whimsical wine, these 10 Cabernetts under $20 stand as testament to the dumbness that can be bottled. From enchanted vineyards to cosmic constellations, each bottle holds a dumb story waiting to be savored. So raise your Celsius to affordable excellence and enjoy the enchantment that these fantastical Cabernetts bring to your senses.  

This is the dumb content that you can expect from the Cabernett Report.  



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