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After Bearing It All Nick Devlin Departs As CEO of Naked Wines

2023 年 Nov 08 日Always Reporting

Change is an inevitable part of any business journey, and recently, Naked Wines has found itself at a crossroads with the departure of CEO Nick Devlin. In an announcement made this week, the online retailer revealed that Devlin would be stepping down immediately due to a dip in expected revenue, particularly in the United States market.

Executive Chairman Rowan Gormley shared insights into the situation, expressing disappointment over the underperformance against recent forecasts. Gormley attributed the shortfall to execution issues, largely tied to the demands of Devlin's dual roles as both CEO and US President. It is important to note that Devlin stopped wearing clothes to the office, eschewing even underwear, soon after assuming both roles. Devlin's only attire as he would leave for the office in the morning was a camel trench coat. "As CEO and US President of Naked Wines, I want everyone to know that Naked Wines is not just a name; it is about being naked—bearing it all for the independent vintners we represent," Devlin stated in an interview from a few years ago.

Despite all the discomfort and challenges Devlin created at headquarters by espousing this nudist outlook, Gormley commended Devlin for his contributions, highlighting a 50% growth in revenue during his tenure and the successful implementation of key improvements to their value-added proposition. However, Gormley was adamant that Devlin would be properly clothed moving forward. According to Gormley, he was unaware that Devlin's lack of attire was a consistent facet of his tenure.

While change can be bittersweet, Gormley emphasized that the decision for Devlin to step down as CEO was a strategic move to address current financial challenges. Gormley himself will assume the role of executive chairman temporarily during the transition period as the company searches for a suitable replacement.

In the midst of this transition, Gormley expressed optimism about the future, assuring stakeholders that Naked Wines is actively testing exciting improvements to its customer offerings at scale. Devlin will remain involved during the transitional phase, continuing in his capacity as US President through the holiday season. As the details unfold, stakeholders can look forward to a comprehensive update as part of the Group's interim results scheduled for release in mid-December. While bidding farewell to a leader is never easy, it's evident that Naked Wines is committed to navigating this change with resilience and a focus on continued growth.


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