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Taylor Swift's Film: The Box Office Smash Hit That Also Brought A Wine Bottle Mess

2023 年 Nov 07 日Always Reporting
A Music Documentary That Almost Topped The King of Pop's
In the world of music and cinema, few stars shine as brightly as Taylor Swift. Her successful music career has been a source of joy for millions of fans affectionately known as "Swifties" around the world.  Taylor Swift's latest creation, the "Eras Tour Concert Film has cemented her place in film.  Before showings end, the concert film is expected to gross over $200 million domestically, just under the record of $226 million set by Michael Jackson's "This Is It" music documentary.  
A Much-Needed Boost for Theaters
Taylor Swift's concert film brought more than just applause and box office glory. It also provided a helping hand to the theater industry during a time when new movie releases were scarce. You see, theaters often face periods of drought usually after summer when there's a lack of exciting new releases. That's where special events like concert films step in. They draw audiences like a magnet, filling seats, popcorn buckets and, in the instance of the Eras Tour movie, glasses of wine. 
Wine Bottles Left in the Wake
Now, here's the quirky twist to the tale: Taylor Swift's fans, Swifties, are a passionate bunch. After watching the concert film, they left behind an unexpected surprise in theaters - wine bottles. Perhaps it was a nod to Taylor's own penchant for wine. Swift is frequently pictured enjoying a glass of red or white wine. Unfortunately, cinema cleaning crews were not prepared for the plethora of empty and broken wine bottles left behind, causing delays in some showtimes. Over the years, the sale of alcohol has become increasingly common in theaters but never very substantial. Moviegoers tend to drink at dinner before the movie. However, Swifties behaved differently, and the wine bottles that piled up in and around theaters across the nation as 'Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour' played is indicative.


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