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Trump's Beer Diplomacy: A Second Chance for Bud Light Amidst a Twist of Wine

Feb 17, 2024Michael Bozzelli
In the midst of the Super Bowl showdown between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers, the beer giant AB InBev, the owner of Bud Light, found itself in a political scrimmage, with none other than former President Donald Trump calling the plays. Ironically, Trump abstains from alcohol.

AB InBev has been on a mission to revamp its Bud Light brand after a controversial partnership with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney last April sent conservative shockwaves through America, resulting in a staggering 30% drop in Bud Light sales. Even in January 2024, Nielsen figures revealed that Bud Light's sales were still lagging 29.5% below last year's numbers.

Enter Trump, donning his MAGA/marketing hat, urging his followers on social media to give AB InBev a "second chance." While calling the Mulvaney collaboration a "mistake of epic proportions," he passionately defended AB InBev as a "Great American Brand" that is "not woke" and deserves redemption.  Fact check:  AB InBev is a Belgian company that originated in St. Louis, Missouri.  

As the one-time owner of the Krug Estate in Virginia, a winery that continues to produce wines under his moniker, Trump bringst a unique perspective to the conversation. Critics have raised concerns about the potential complications in Trump's endorsement, pointing to his background in the wine industry and his significant personal investment of $5 million in AB InBev.  Trump opponents were quick to highlight Trump's ties to AB InBev including his close relationship with a lobbyist who is hired by the company and hosting a fundraiser for Trump's re-election campaign. 

Will Trump's call for a "second chance" create a revival for Bud Light? Only time will tell as we navigate the intricate interplay of sports, politics, beer and wine.  Cheers to the parade of it all.

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