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Royal Legacy: Princess Margaret's Wine Auction

Mar 28, 2024Michael Bozzelli
In the annals of royalty, the contents of their cellars hold tales that would break the internet today.  Recently, a glimpse into the indulgent tastes of HRH Princess Margaret has emerged as three bottles of her personal wine collection are set to be auctioned. These bottles, each carrying the prestigious label of Kensington Palace, offer a tantalizing connection to the regal lifestyle of the famously fun loving Princess, particularly during the Silver Jubilee celebrations of 1977.

The star of the auction, these bottles of 1976 dry Riesling from the Rhine, Germany, stand as silent witnesses to Princess Margaret’s penchant for partying, contrary to her sovereign sister's mild mannered persona. While their liquid levels may vary, their historical significance remains unwavering. Estimated at a modest £30-£60, they are more than just wine; they are windows into a bygone era of royal revelry without the real time scourge of social media.  Royal watchers had firm deadlines and there were no online editions of newspapers to expose the misfitting of royals.  

Accompanying these vinous treasures are two opulent 'Belle Rives' lacquer drinks trays by Rita Konig for The Lacquer Company, adding a touch of sophistication to any royal soirée. With an estimated value of £100-£200, these bespoke trays are more than just serving implements; they are symbols of the elegant lifestyle Princess Margaret epitomized.

Delving deeper into the Princess's love of Road House like atmosphere (well maybe more Cosmo Las Vegas' Chandelier Bar, it is fascinating to learn about her affinity for Scotch whisky, notably The Famous Grouse. Her biographer, Craig Brown, paints a vivid picture of her morning routine, which included an afternoon vodka tonic for a pre-lunch boost, followed by a leisurely half-bottle of wine with her midday meal. Brown’s anecdotes, captured in his book "Ma’am Darling – 99 Glimpses of Princess Margaret," reveal a woman unapologetically indulging in life's pleasures.  Respect.   

So, as the gavel falls and the bids rise, let us raise a glass to Princess Margaret, a royal icon who could hang with the Rat Pack.  While the compassion of the People's Princess should never be forgotten so too should the energy of the Party Princess.

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