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New Guidelines Could Destroy the Alcohol Industry

May 20, 2024Michael Bozzelli

The U.S. government is considering a drastic shift in its stance on alcohol consumption, one that could have far-reaching consequences for the American beer, wine, and spirits industries. According to a credible source in Washington, D.C. cited by Tom Wark's "Fermentation" substack, a proposed recommendation for the upcoming Federal Dietary Guidelines may state: “No amount of alcohol is acceptable for a healthy lifestyle.” This echoes the World Health Organization’s recent declaration that “No level of alcohol consumption is safe for our health.”  This feels like deja vu because I just wrote a diatribe how clinical data against alcohol is skimpy.   

Both statements are not only misleading but also dangerously agenda-driven, lacking a solid scientific foundation. If included in the 2025 Dietary Guidelines, this recommendation could devastate small wineries, distillers, and brewers--let's not forget retailers--across the country as younger Americans may internalize these misconceptions.  

Unconfirmed, But Concerning

While this alarming challenge has not been officially confirmed, the source is considered reliable. The concern over such a recommendation is already significant enough that members of Congress have taken notice. In a letter to Dr. Monica N. Feit, Executive Director of the Health and Medicine Division at the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, Congress members sought documents detailing the process behind the upcoming alcohol recommendations. They expressed worry that the Biden Administration might push for guidelines that effectively advise Americans to abstain from alcohol entirely, despite ongoing scientific debate about moderate alcohol consumption’s risks and benefits.

Take Action Now

Anyone involved in the U.S. beer, wine, and spirits industry should be deeply concerned about this potential guideline. Now is the time to contact your Congressional representatives and Senators. Let them know that this kind of recommendation is not only harmful but also scientifically unfounded. Here are the key points to communicate:

1. Economic Impact: Such a guideline would severely harm small producers and potentially devastate the entire industry.
2. Scientific Accuracy: The statement ignores evidence supporting the health benefits of moderate alcohol consumption.
3. Distinction Between Use and Abuse: It conflates moderate, responsible drinking with excessive alcohol consumption.

The idea that no amount of alcohol is compatible with a healthy lifestyle is not supported by the breadth of scientific research. It fails to differentiate between excessive and moderate consumption, potentially leading to unjustified marketing restrictions and heavy taxation on alcoholic beverages.  The tax burden is already felt in some places.  

The proposed recommendation against any alcohol consumption is not only unrealistic but also threatens to disrupt an industry that is integral to our economy and cultural heritage. Make your voice heard and urge your representatives to oppose this extreme guideline.

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