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George Clooney's Latest Venture: Wine

Feb 25, 2024Michael Bozzelli
In a surprising move that has the wine world buzzing with anticipation, another celebrity is launching an alcoholic beverage. George Clooney, Hollywood heartthrob and occasional actor (just joking, Syriana was awesome), is all set to add another feather to his cap—or should we say, a grape in his famous dimples? Yes, you heard it right! The man who once made our hearts race as Dr. Doug Ross in ER is set to stimulate our palates with the announcement of his very own wine label.  Truth be told, Clooney may not be the star he is today if it was not for Steven Spielberg who visited the set of ER once during a scene and advise the actor to stop moving his head so much, so that one day he could become a movie star.  

Clooney, the box office draw with a legion of hits to his name, is set to unleash a vinous masterpiece from his very own Provence estate – Domaine de Canadel. Purchased in 2021, this estate comes with the kind of vineyard that would make Bacchus himself do a double take. One can only imagine George, clad in a tuxedo, personally stomping on the grapes while reminiscing about the good old ER days. Paging Dr. Ross – stat!  Or, maybe preferring to recall his stint on Roseanne playing her the protagonist's asshole boss.  He hated this role for obvious reasons--suppression of all that boyhood charm for one--and quit just before they were about to fire him.  

The label is aptly titled Coteaux Varois en Provence, which translates to "Hills of Var in Provence." Because, why settle for just one impressive title when you can have a name that sounds like a location for another Ocean's Eleven?

So, as the spring of 2024 approaches, brace yourselves for the launch of Clooney's oenological opus. Who knew that behind those doe-eyes, George Clooney was secretly fermenting a plan to make wine? The massive success of his Tequila brand, Casamigos, should have given us a clue. We can almost hear the clinking of glasses now and the distant echoes of "Dr. Ross, we need you in the wine cellar."

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