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Beyond the Beaches: Florida's Diverse Wine Markets

Mar 10, 2024Michael Bozzelli
Florida, renowned for its beaches and car chases on beaches, is unraveling a tapestry of wine culture beyond the aisles of the beloved Publix. Each city within the Sunshine State possesses a unique personality and distinct buying preferences; what sells in Naples may not sell in Orlando. In this blog, we uncork the nuances of these markets.

Orlando: An Ode to Familiarity

In the heart of Florida, Orlando emerges as a market that prizes familiarity and brand recognition. Wines must carry the weight of established names like Mickey Mouse and Luke Skywalker. However, a diverse variety is still crucial, with a preference for wines that boldly proclaim classic varietals, such as Cabernet Sauvignon or Chardonnay. Orlando presents a market for producers to focus on well-known labels and classic varietals that resonate with the city's consumers who have a penchant for the known.

The Panhandle: Where the Familiar Also Needs to Be Expensive

Heading west to the panhandle, there is a demand for sophistication. In this region, wines must not only be identifiable but also come with a premium price tag. This unique combination of refined taste and willingness to indulge creates a space for producers to leverage premium expressions of Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay. While alternative packaging like cans was thought to be a no-brainer for Florida's large boating population, suppliers quickly realized that canned wine is not welcomed at yacht parties.

Naples: Where Chianti Is Cooking Wine

Down south, in the luxurious enclave of Naples, a preference for opulence and authenticity reigns supreme. This market craves the allure of high-end Italian wines like Barolo and Brunello. Super Tuscans make the cut on the city's wine lists. If Italian winemakers can tailor their labels to American wine drinkers, they can cement their position in the southwest Florida market. We discussed the horror of reading Italian wine labels in an earlier entry.

St. Pete: Embracing the Natural Wine Movement, Nature's Whimsy

In a surprising twist, St. Petersburg emerges as the unexpected apothecary brewed from nature's whimsy, evolving into the natural wine hub of Florida. This coastal city is witnessing a growing appreciation for wines made through organic and minimal intervention methods. (We are suddenly reminded of Chris Benzinger's sheep of Benzinger Family Winery who fulfill the role of biodynamic farmers in the family's vineyards.) The trend towards natural wines aligns with the city's progressive and eclectic vibe, providing fertile ground for producers to explore sustainable and biodynamic offerings that capture the earthiness of St. Pete.

Opportunities Across the State

As we delve into the diverse markets of Florida, it becomes evident that the state's wine culture is a rich and evolving tapestry, providing producers the opportunity to adapt their offerings. Beyond the amusement parks of Orlando, the panhandle, Naples, and St. Pete each contribute a unique chapter to this unfolding story. For wine producers, understanding and embracing the regional nuances is the key to unlocking the full potential of Florida's dynamic and flourishing wine market.

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