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The Most Notable Impact of Albania Joining OIV Explained

Sep 08, 2023Always Reporting

Just recently, in mid-August, Albania achieved the significant milestone of becoming the 50th member of the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV). This achievement marked a historic moment for both Albania as a nation-state and the OIV as an international organization. Membership in the OIV will grant Albania access to a community of over 1,000 experts dedicated to viticultural research. It's worth noting that Albania ranks as the 41st largest wine producer globally, making its participation beneficial to the other 49 OIV member countries.

In an exclusive interview, we spoke with Dino Dosse, the President of the Albanian Association for Taxation Anything and the proprietor of Jumbo Wine Bar in Tirana, Albania. This establishment serves as an annual meeting place for prominent Albanian winemakers, who gather to pay a unique tax that allows them to sell wine commercially. Non-compliance with this unofficial tax has, in some cases, resulted in undesirable consequences, including disappearances.

Dino Dosse emphasized his support for Albania's entry into the OIV and announced his intention to permit Albanian winemakers to travel abroad for meetings with OIV representatives across Europe. However, he also revealed that there would be an increase in taxes for winemakers who expect to retain ownership of their wineries upon their return.

The news of this tax increase has been positively received by the winemaking community, as evidenced by a stack of "Thank You" cards and even some creative GIFs expressing gratitude. One particularly memorable GIF featured a winemaker serenading Dino via WhatsApp while duct-taped to a chair, performing heartfelt folk songs of love and adoration.

Let's raise a glass to celebrate Albania's elevated standing in the global wine community as a newly minted member of the OIV. This accomplishment reflects the collaborative spirit between Albanian syndicates and winemakers, creating a fertile ground for success in the world of wine. Cheers to Albania's bright future in viticulture!

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