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The Commoditization of Wine: A Shift in the Wine Industry Pt. 1 - Order Wine Online
2023 年 Jul 09 日
Wine, once considered a product steeped in tradition, craftsmanship, and regional diversity, has undergone seismic changes in recent decades. The wine industry has experienced a notable shift towards the commoditization of wine, transforming it from a unique and nuanced beverage to a standardized, easily replaceable consumable. In this blog post, we will rant how wine is an agricultural product deserving of the same respect and premium pricing ascribed to avocado toast.  
Vintage Does Not Always Matter When It Comes To Wine - Order Wine Online
2023 年 Apr 28 日
As resellers of wine for some time now, we have received frantic emails from customers in the middle of night making sure that the wine they ordered is of a particular vintage.  We welcome these inquiries because we want you to get exactly what you want.   However, vintages usually do not matter and the answer to this just like the answer to ninety nine questions out of a hundred is money.
A Lambrusco For Florida Summers,  Not The Kind You Are Thinking Of Either - Order Wine Online
2023 年 Apr 24 日
Okay, it was going to get really interesting if the Medici’s of Emilia who ignored lingering clamoring for sweeter Lambrusco and reclaimed Lambrusco from root beer drinkers were related to the same Medici’s from Florence who produced two popes.  But there is no relation between the families despite sharing the same surnames.  Nonetheless,  Medici Ermete Concerto Lambrusco is the perfect wine to enjoy in Florida’s steamy summers that call for light bodied reds.  (Yes, we understand that steamy summers are not only specific to Florida but we just got back from Orlando.)
The End of “Anything But Chardonnay” - Order Wine Online
2023 年 Apr 23 日
In response to the prevailing bias against "Anything But Chardonnay," the emergence of Unoaked Chardonnay became a game-changer. This style, now a frontrunner, has transformed into one of the most beloved variations of America's favorite white wine varietal—Chardonnay  
Moscato:  The Hugely Popular Wine That Gets The Side Eye - Order Wine Online
2023 年 Apr 01 日
Moscato has been around for a very long time.  There are Egyptian hieroglyphs about Moscato.  Well, maybe not that far back but it originated in the middle east and has been traced back to the ancient Greeks.