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Champagne Clash: Kanye Slams Taylor's Drink Choices in After-Party Drama

2024 年 Jan 29 日Always Reporting

This past weekend, the aftermath of the Chiefs' triumph over the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship game unfolded into a star-studded celebration hosted by none other than Taylor Swift. The pop sensation hosted an epic after-party to celebrate her boyfriend, Travis Kelce's victory on the field, revealing an extravagant lineup of premium beverages that has sent ripples of anticipation through the drinks industry.

As reported by The US Sun, Swift spared no expense, ordering an impressive 30 bottles of Dom Perignon Rose 2006, each valued at a staggering $1,400 (£1,100). Additionally, the soirée featured ten bottles of the exquisite Louis Roederer Cristal, with a price tag of $2,800 (£2,200) per bottle. Swift's choice of these pricey beverages not only reflects her penchant for the finer things in life but also sets the stage for a potential shift in the beverage landscape. However, not everyone is on board with Swift's choices—especially Kanye West.

Unfortunately, the famous rapper and fashion designer was angered by Swift's champagne choices and took to Twitter to register his displeasure. In a late-night tweet, West slammed Swift for not featuring Armand de Brignac champagne, owned by West's pal and fellow rapper Jay-Z. "This is sum bullshit from TS. I was there at the Grammy's when she promised Jay she would only buy Ace of Spades [a nickname for Armand de Brignac] for her parties. I was a Swiftie for Bey, but no more. Lies!  Beyonce should have won that VMA too. 💤," West's tweet read.

West and Swift have had a checkered relationship. It all started when the rapper ambushed Swift's acceptance speech for Video of the Year at the 2009 MTV VMAs, protesting that Beyonce should have won—for which he later apologized.

Swift and her team have yet to comment on West's tweet. 


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