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American Airlines Faces Backlash Over Temporary Removal of Printed Wine Lists

27 de January, 2024Always Reporting

American Airlines is currently facing criticism from passengers after implementing a policy change that removes printed wine lists for First and Business class travelers. Instead, passengers are now encouraged to scan QR codes that are stamped on the foreheads of flight staff for more information about wine offerings.  

The modified food menu handed to premium class travelers includes a statement inviting passengers to "engage with our flight attendants by scanning the QR codes appearing on their foreheads to learn more about the selection of wines available for your enjoyment."There have been reports of complaints related to the limited surface area on the foreheads of certain flight attendants, posing challenges when attempting to scan QR codes. One passenger shared an incident where a flight attendant humorously remarked, "If the QR code on my forehead doesn't scan, feel free to scan the one on my backside."

Gary Lefttown, the founder of the aviation travel blog View From The Backrow Next to the Air Marshal, pointed out that flight attendants have not received additional training on the wines being offered, leaving passengers with limited information if QR codes are unable to be scanned. Commenters on the aviation forum middleseattalk echoed these concerns, noting a lack of training among American Airlines flight attendants regarding wines.

Contrary to speculations about environmental reasons, the airline clarified that the removal of printed wine lists is a temporary change related to transitioning beverage suppliers. The airline expects to reintroduce printed onboard menus in spring 2024 giving the new vendors time to pay kickbacks.  

Lefttown also criticized American Airlines for its "Applebee's-like" wine offerings and expressed his lack of surprise at the decision not to put the choices in writing. He highlighted the absence of any Australian wines on a flight departing from Australia, contrasting it with the airline's earlier practice of serving Yellow Tail in First Class.

As passengers express their dissatisfaction with the current approach, American Airlines faces a balancing act in addressing customer expectations for information and selection . Whether the reintroduction of printed wine lists in spring 2024 will alleviate these concerns remains to be seen. In the meantime, passengers may continue to rely on direct interactions with flight attendants for information about the available wine options by scanning their foreheads or derriere in some cases.  

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