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Saying Goodbye to Stodgy: The New GALLO

2024 年 Feb 14 日Michael Bozzelli
In a bold step, GALLO Winery has embraced the challenge of simplifying its somewhat tongue-twisting name. They're opting for a sleeker and more vibrant identity: GALLO. That's correct; they've bid farewell to the E. & J. and all the potential confusion that tag-along initials might bring. After over ninety years of wrestling with a name that could easily be mistaken for a stodgy legacy wine company, GALLO is now embracing some panache.

Stephanie Gallo, the Chief Marketing Officer at GALLO, declared, "The simplified name removes all limitations." Because who needs those pesky limitations when your company spills more wine than your rivals can ever produce? GALLO, with its roots dating back to 1933, owns over 100 brands, including Gallo Family Vineyard, Barefoot Cellars, Apothic, Dark Horse, Mirassou, William Hill Estate Winery, Columbia Winery, Carlo Rossi, Edna Valley Vineyard, Louis M. Martini, Orin Swift, Rombauer, Rex Goliath, Carnivor, Taylor, and William Hill. With such an arsenal of brands, GALLO stands as the vinous overlord that the Night King from HBO's Game of Thrones models his White Walkers after.

But it's not just about the name; GALLO is also rolling out a fancy new logo, a typeface so simple it makes Warby Parker's namemark look like Versace's baroque Medusa. This may come as a surprise, but it is an attempt at homage to the founders' Italian roots, a visual sip of heritage with a modern twist. GALLO, not just a drink but a lifestyle. (Ye, as the artist formerly known as Kanye West calls himself these days, may choose to drop the "e" in Ye to mirror the radical reductionism of GALLO.)

So, here's to GALLO, where the only thing aging is the wine, not the brand.


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