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Deal of the Year: E. & J. Gallo Winery Buys Rombauer Vineyards

2023 年 Aug 29 日Michael Bozzelli


Gallo, one of the largest wine producers in the world, has made a monumental move in the wine industry.  E & J Gallo Winery announced in a press release today that they acquired Rombauer Vineyards, makers of America's quintessential premium chardonnay.   

Why is this considered the "Deal of the Year"?

We are haling the Gallo-Rombauer deal as the "Deal of the Year" due to its magnitude and impact on the wine market. Rombauer Vineyards is a renowned family-owned winery known for its high-quality wines, particularly its Chardonnay as mentioned. Gallo's acquisition of Rombauer not only adds a prestigious brand to its portfolio but also strengthens its position in the premium wine segment.  We always said that their acquisition was Orin Swift Cellars (OSC) was very astute but that they could use more relevant brands like OSC in their on-premise book.  "The Rombauer brand and family have built a reputation around quality and integrity.  It's an iconic brand rooted in distinctive and respected wines," said Joseph C. Gallo, Vice President of Gallo's Luxury Group.  

How does this acquisition impact the wine industry?

The Gallo-Rombauer deal has significant implications for the wine industry. It highlights the trend of consolidation, with larger players acquiring smaller, boutique wineries. This consolidation can lead to increased competition and potentially limit consumer choices. However, it also presents opportunities for innovation and collaboration, as larger companies bring their resources and expertise to smaller brands.  Gallo will be pulling a lot of levers that Rombauer did not have access to prior to the merger.   The Gallo acquisition of Rombauer is a YUGE event in the wine industry, marking a consolidation of power and resources. While it may have implications for competition and consumer choice, it also presents opportunities for growth and collaboration. As wine lovers, we can observe how the mega deal unfolds.  

Terms of the agreement were not disclosed but we will do our best to dig up a ballpark figure so be sure to subscribe and check back.  


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