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Gallo Swiftly Introduces Rombauer Chardonnay in Jugs

2023 年 Aug 30 日Always Reporting

Updated 9/8/23

E. & J. Gallo Winery announced they acquired Rombauer Vineyards yesterday. Today, Gallo introduces Rombauer's widely acclaimed Chardonnay in jugs.  You can expect to see the new format in grocers, convenience stores, gas stations and select liquor stores in a matter of weeks. The swift launch was aided by Gallo's Carlo Rossi team that has been producing award winning jug wine for decades. 

It is important to note that Gallo is limiting distribution to liquor stores that also sell tobacco especially vapes, hoping to introduce Rombauer's iconic Chardonnay to the vape obsessed "Gen Z" market.  

We will be closely tracking the roll out of the new format so please check back for developments.  



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