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Bordeaux Battle: Producers Take on Costco in a Media War

2024 年 Feb 26 日Always Reporting

(Updated 4/2/2024)

In the picturesque vineyards of Bordeaux, where tradition and heritage blend seamlessly with the art of winemaking, a storm is brewing. Producers of this renowned French wine region find themselves embroiled in a heated battle against an unexpected adversary – Costco. The retail giant's Kirkland Signature brand has become a point of contention, causing Bordeaux producers to rally together and launch a media war to protect the integrity and value of their cherished wines.

The Backstory

Bordeaux, with its centuries-old vineyards, has always held stratospheric status in the world of wine. However, in recent times, the region has faced challenges, including an oversupply of grapes and a decline in prices. Enter Costco, the retail behemoth known for its bulk offerings, affordability and free samples of steamed shrimp dumplings. In an attempt to cater to a wide consumer base, Costco began selling Bordeaux wines under its own Kirkland Signature label, raising concerns among the region's producers.

The Controversy

Bordeaux producers argue that Costco's commoditizing approach undermines the essence of their storied wines. The Kirkland Signature Bordeaux, often sold at a fraction of the price of traditionally labeled bottles, threatens to dilute the perceived value and exclusivity associated with Bordeaux wines. With the region already grappling with economic challenges, the producers fear Costco's impact will exacerbate the situation, driving down prices and tarnishing Bordeaux's preeminence.   

The Media War

Faced with the threat posed by Costco, Bordeaux producers have taken a novel approach to protect their interests – they've enlisted satirists to launch a media war against the retail giant. Full-page ads in major daily newspapers across the United States, strategically placed billboards near Costco locations, and targeted Facebook ads have become the weapons of choice in this battle for public opinion.  They have even concocted a parody brand under the name "Kirkhand Johnhancock" in their fight, mocking Costco's moniker for their house brand, Kirkland Signature.  Many colonialists are up in arms for the satirists dragging John Hancock into the fracas.  

Satirical Campaign

The satirical campaign aims to highlight the stark differences between the traditional craftsmanship of Bordeaux wines and the mass-produced nature of Kirkland Signature offerings, from fig bars to toilet paper. The no holds barred ads draw attention to the importance of preserving the uniqueness and authenticity of Bordeaux, urging consumers to think twice before opting for the seemingly cheaper alternative.  

Impact and Response

Costco has responded by defending its business practices, emphasizing its commitment to providing quality products at affordable prices--self-evident, they claim, by their food court offerings.  Even though the food court has become closed to non-members after being open to the public since inception.  The retail giant argues that its Kirkland Signature wines undergo rigorous quality control and are crafted by reputable co-packers. However, Bordeaux producers remain steadfast in their mission to protect the region's heritage and economic interests.  Even if it means missing out on additional revenue by co-packing for a wholesale club.  



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