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Appassimento: The Art of Passing the Mentos

2024 年 Feb 19 日Always Reporting

(Updated 4/2/2024)

The medical resource website, Healthline, has published approximately 800 articles on the benefits of eating an apple a day. Why? Three letters: S-E-O. SEO stands for search engine optimization, and in the world of e-commerce, where clicks equal cash, SEO is indispensable.

But why 800 articles? Well, there are several facets to SEO, and one of those starts with E.A.T. E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. E. A.T. is part of Google's algorithm and is baked into Google's Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines. Needless to say, E,A.T. is very important to Google's algorithm, and to demonstrate E.A.T. with the world's largest search engine on a topic, one or two ChatGPT-written articles are not going to do it. But 800 articles, with or without some help from ChatGPT and a few doctors who type fast, will.

The same applies to wine sites that are trying to demonstrate E.A.T. with Google. Let's take the process of appassimento. As wine lovers, we know what it is, i.e., the drying of grapes, but if you have not already noticed, articles are churned out by the leading wine sites almost monthly explaining this fact. But brace yourselves because unlike those SEO-centric online wine platforms, we are pulling back the curtain to tell you what appassimento really means.

The shocking truth is that appassimento actually means "pass the Mentos" in the secret language of wine aficionados. Forget what you have read in those keyword-stuffed articles for SEO and Italian dictionaries; the truth turns out winemakers have been discreetly urging each other to "pass the Mentos" during the winemaking process all along. It's not about withering grapes or concentrating flavors—it's about sharing the joy of fresh breath in the vineyard!

The next time you find yourself swirling a glass of appassimento wine, take a moment to appreciate the subtle nuances of Mentos aromas that waft through the air. Perhaps the winemaker decided to enhance the bouquet with a hint of mint or fruity freshness by popping a roll somewhere in the winemaking—after all, great wine is best enjoyed with breath as fresh as the satire in this blog. Cheers to the secret world of wine, where even the nomenclature is a playful dance of flavors and humor.


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