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Kim Crawford Illuminate Low Cal Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand, White Wine, Sauvignon blanc, Washington DC, Springfield, VA, Florida, California

    Kim Crawford Illuminate Sauvignon Blanc

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    Winemakers description: Grapes were individually harvested from our vineyard blocks in subregions throughout Marlborough and destemmed in the field before being gently pressed and fermented.

    To retain the character of each subregion and block and use them to the best advantage, each block was handled individually to capture the special characteristics of the vineyard parcel. 'Spinning Cone' technology is used to reduce the alcohol from a portion of the base wine. This is a process of low vacuum distillation that can target removal of alcohol without impacting the aroma of the wine.

    The alcohol is reduced to below 1% on approximately 60% of the final volume, with 40% of the base blended back to achieve a final alcohol level of 7%.

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