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The Mystique of Opus One: Chopin in a Bottle

19 de May, 2024Michael Bozzelli

In the world of fine wines, few names command as much reverence and curiosity as Opus One. This legendary wine, born from a visionary partnership between two titans of the wine industry, embodies the perfect nexus of tradition, innovation, and artistry. With its lush flavors, velvety textures, and storied history, Opus One captivates wine enthusiasts and collectors alike. Let's take a closer look into this icon.  

The Genesis of Opus One

Opus One was founded in 1978 through an unprecedented collaboration between Baron Philippe de Rothschild of Château Mouton Rothschild in Bordeaux and Robert Mondavi, the pioneering Napa Valley vintner whose surname is synonymous with wine across the world. This alliance was a groundbreaking partnership between Old World pedigree and California panache. The name "Opus One" was chosen to signify the inaugural work of art from this unique partnership.


Opus One has consistently garnered high praise from wine critics, solidifying its status as a benchmark for excellence. Renowned wine critic James Suckling described the 2016 vintage as “complex and beautiful with fantastic intensity and energy,” awarding it 99 points. Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate also lauded Opus One, with critic Lisa Perrotti-Brown calling the 2018 vintage “a stunning beauty that truly exemplifies the greatness of this estate.”

Facts That Separate The Wine From The Rest

Beyond its critical acclaim and storied origins, Opus One is surrounded by a wealth of fascinating facts that add to its allure:

1. The Vineyard’s Sacred Geometry: The Opus One vineyard is meticulously designed following principles of sacred geometry. This approach, often associated with ancient architecture and spiritual sites, is believed to harmonize the energy of the land and enhance the vitality of the vines.

2. A Symphony of Senses: Each vintage of Opus One is crafted to be a multisensory experience. The winemakers pay exceptional attention to the color, aroma, and texture of the wine, ensuring that every bottle offers a harmonious balance of fruit, tannins, and acidity. This dedication to sensory perfection is one reason why Opus One is often compared to a symphony in a bottle.  Cue Chopin.

3. The Iconic Label: The label of Opus One is adorned with the profiles of its founders, Baron Philippe de Rothschild and Robert Mondavi, symbolizing their shared vision and legacy. Interestingly, the original artwork was created by artist Ralph Turturro, who aimed to capture the greatness of this passion project between these two legendary collaborators.    

4. The Aging Process: Opus One is aged in new French oak barrels for about 18 months, a practice that imbues the wine with its characteristic structure and complexity. The wine then spends an additional 18 months aging in the bottle before release, ensuring it reaches consumers at the peak of its potential.

5. Environmental Stewardship: Sustainability is a core principle at Opus One. They strive to be carbon neutral.  Carbon negative has even been tossed around.  Currently it is a certified green winery, employing solar power, water conservation, and organic farming techniques to minimize its environmental impact.   The winery really takes an existential view to the environment, dismissing financial considerations. 


The mystique of Opus One lies not only in its exceptional quality and critical acclaim but also in the passion and vision that have guided its creation. As wine critic Antonio Galloni aptly stated, “Opus One is the quintessential model of elegance and class in Napa Valley.”   It is a wine that transcends the ordinary, making Opus One a true opus of the wine world.

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