Antinori Tignanello

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Origin:  Tignanello
is the name that was given in the 1970s to a new wine produced by the
ancient house of Antinori, for 26 generations, and takes its name from
the Tenuta di Tignanello production area in the town of
San Casciano in Val di Pesa. Made in 1971, Tignanello was one of the
first red wines produced in the area without white grapes and with the
cabernet sauvignon and cabernet franc grape varieties. Tignanello or "Tig"
for short is regarded as the innovative pioneer of the modern Italian
top wines, the so-called Super Tuscans, and has decisively shaped
Italian viticulture. The wine is highly allocated but strive to keep it
in stock for you.
Tasting Notes: In the glass, Tignanello
unveils an alluring ruby hue, inviting you to explore its complexity.
The aroma is a captivating medley of red and black fruits, with cherries
and blackberries taking center stage, interwoven with notes of cedar,
tobacco, and a hint of Mediterranean herbs. This aromatic symphony sets
the stage for a truly remarkable tasting experience.
On the palate, this wine presents itself with grace and distinction.
Flavors of ripe berries harmonize with notes of vanilla, leather, and
exotic spices. The wine's velvety texture and finely integrated tannins
create a luxurious mouthfeel, while a long, lingering finish leaves a
lasting impression of depth and elegance.
Perfect Pairings: Tignanello
is a wine that elevates the dining experience to new heights. It pairs
beautifully with a wide range of Italian cuisine, including classic
dishes like osso buco, wild mushroom risotto, or aged pecorino cheese.
Its versatility also extends to international cuisine, making it a
delightful companion for fine cuts of beef or lamb.