6 Bottle Wine Club


Join Our 6 Bottle Wine Club for $160 at CaseWineLife.com! Delivery Included!

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Examples of What You Might Receive:

Crisp White Wine

Retail Price: $30
Tasting Notes: Bright and aromatic with notes of tropical fruits, citrus, and fresh herbs. The palate is crisp and vibrant with a refreshing finish.
Food Pairing: Pairs well with seafood, fresh salads, and light vegetarian dishes.


Rich and Smooth Red Wine

Retail Price: $30
Tasting Notes: Rich and plush with flavors of dark fruits, chocolate, and subtle spices. The wine features smooth tannins and a long, elegant finish.
Food Pairing: Ideal with roasted meats, pasta dishes, and aged cheeses.


Bold and Structured Red Wine

Retail Price: $30
Tasting Notes: Bold and structured with flavors of dark berries, hints of oak, and spice. The wine has firm tannins and a lengthy finish.
Food Pairing: Best enjoyed with grilled steaks, hearty stews, and robust cheeses.

Total Retail Value: $180+

Club Price: $160 per month (Delivery Included)