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Meghan Markle's Love Affair with Antinori's Tignanello: The Inspiration Behind 'Tig'

2023 年 Sep 24 日Michael Bozzelli

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, is known for her impeccable taste and sophistication. While her lifestyle website "The Tig" may no longer be active, its influence on her life and style remains significant. One of the hidden gems that influenced the name and ethos of her website was her deep appreciation for wine, particularly Antinori's Tignanello, often affectionately referred to as "Tig." In this blog post, we'll explore Meghan Markle's love for this renowned wine and how it played a pivotal role in shaping "The Tig."

The Love Story with Tig:

Meghan Markle's passion for fine wine is no secret, and one of her all-time favorites was Antinori's TignanelloTignanello is a highly regarded Italian red wine, known for its rich and complex flavors, and it served as a precursor to the Super Tuscan winesMeghan's love for this wine went beyond the palate; it became a symbol of her appreciation for luxury, such as owning a personal helicopter like Piero Antinori, the patriarch of Marchesi Antinori and the maker of Tignanello.

Tignanello, named after the Antinori owned vineyard of the same name, is a blend of Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cabernet Franc grapes. Its full-bodied taste, with notes of dark fruit, spices, and tobacco, made it a standout choice for wine enthusiasts like Meghan.

The Birth of 'The Tig':

In 2014, Meghan Markle decided to share her passions, interests, and insights with the world by launching "The Tig," a lifestyle website. The name was a clever play on her favorite wine, Tignanello, affectionately abbreviated as "Tig."

"The Tig" was a platform where Meghan explored her love for food, travel, fashion, beauty, and more. It was a reflection of her refined taste and her desire to inspire and connect with others who shared her interests. The website was a place for Meghan to express herself and celebrate the 'tig' moments in life – those moments of flavor, style, and grace that bring joy and fulfillment.

Legacy of 'The Tig':

While Meghan Markle decided to shutdown "The Tig" in 2017, her passion for the things she featured on the platform continues to shape her public image and personal brand. Even after her royal engagement and subsequent departure from official royal duties, Meghan's appreciation for wine and her fondness for Tignanello remain a part of her identity.

Final Note

Meghan Markle's connection with Antinori's Tignanello, lovingly known as 'Tig,' played a significant role in shaping her lifestyle website, "The Tig." Though the website may no longer be active, the legacy of her passion for fine wine and the finer things in life continues to shine through in her public persona. Meghan Markle's love for Tignanello serves as a reminder that sometimes, the simple pleasures in life, like a glass of wine from a roughly $175-a-bottle, can inspire us to create something truly extraordinary.

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